Pneumonia Vaccine Funding

MDANZ recognises the importance of our members staying well particularly through winter months. It is recommended that individuals with neuromuscular conditions receive vaccination for prevention of pneumococcal diseases, such as pneumococcal pneumonia, due to increased risk of not only becoming unwell with pneumonia but also the increased risk of complications if there is an inability to cough and clear the airways effectively.

Pneumococcal vaccines are fully funded for children under 5 years of age on the National Immunisation Schedule, however government funding is not generally available for older children and adults unless they meet specific high risk criteria. For this reason, you may not be eligible to receive a funded vaccine through your local general practice (GP).

There are two recommended pneumococcal vaccinations (Prevenar 13 which costs approx $200; and Pneumovax 23 which costs approx $70) which protect against different strains of bacteria that can cause pneumococcal disease and pneumonia. Because cost is a barrier to having the vaccine, MDANZ has a reimbursement programme available to registered members who have a neuromuscular condition.

We will reimburse you the cost of receiving Pneuomvax 23 vaccine at your local GP. Simply return the reimbursement form with your details, attach your receipt and you will be reimbursed within five working days.

Click here to download the re-imbursement form. For further information contact

Due to our limited funds, we currently do not have a reimbursement programme for Prevenar 13 which is a much higher cost. If your GP has recommended you have both vaccines and you need financial assistance to cover the additional cost of Prevenar 13, we encourage members to apply for additional funding through the MDANZ Members’ Discretionary Fund.


For more information about vaccination recommendations, please click here.