Counselling Service

A free confidential service for MDANZ Members with a neuromuscular condition and those close to them.

We believe that the impact of living with a progressive neuromuscular condition sometimes raises feelings or issues that can be helpful to talk about. By partnering with a respected organisation that screens counsellors and matches them with clients nationwide, MDANZ is able to provide funded access to a private, close to home counselling option for our members.

What we fund

We fund up to three counselling sessions per year to eligible MDANZ members. Your counsellor can request more funded sessions from us and we will consider these requests on a case by case basis depending on the need, and our available funding.

To receive this funding, you must be a registered member of MDANZ and either have a neuromuscular condition covered by MDANZ, or provide close care/support for a member with a neuromuscular condition. This service is also available for immediate family who have experienced a bereavement.

What can I expect?

Raise (formerly EAPworks) is a nationwide professional support service who offer practical solutions-focused guidance, counselling, training and resources for managing personal, work or life issues. Raise counsellors work in the community and in workplaces with adults, young people, couples, or families on all sorts of issues, such as grief and trauma, addictions, interpersonal conflict and family or workplace stress.

For more information about Raise visit their website

Making an appointment

It’s quick and easy to access this counselling programme.

Simply freephone 0800 SELF HELP (0800 735 343) and give your name and MDANZ membership number. You will be asked what your main concern is and be referred to a professional, accredited and experienced counsellor in your area.

If you have any other questions about this programme, or do not know your membership number please contact us at the MDANZ National Office or talk to your Fieldworker.

Disclaimer: All sessions are provided at the discretion of the MDANZ and are reliant on funds being available. The initial three sessions will be at no cost to eligible MDA members, further sessions will be at the members own expense unless further sessions have been preapproved. Sessions do not accumulate and are on an as needed basis. MDANZ has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the quality of the service provider is high but cannot take responsibility for any failings of Raise in the provision of this service.