Inflammatory Myopathies

Myopathy is a term used to describe muscle disease.  The inflammatory myopathies are a group of diseases that involve chronic muscle inflammation, accompanied by muscle weakness.  Another word for chronic inflammation of muscle tissue ismyositis.

Muscle inflammation may be caused by an allergic reaction, exposure to a toxic substance or medicine, another disease such as cancer or rheumatic conditions, or a virus or other infectious agent.  The chronic inflammatory myopathies are idiopathic, meaning they have no known cause.  They are thought to be autoimmune disorders, in which the body's white blood cells (that normally fight disease) attack blood vessels, normal muscle fibers, and connective tissue in organs, bones, and joints.

The three main types of chronic, or persistent, inflammatory myopathy are polymyositis, dermatomyositis, and inclusion body myositis.

sourced from 11/03/2015

Useful Websites

The Myositis Foundation (TMA) - for all things myositis

Myositis Support Australasia - for anyone with a connection to myositis (this has been set up by our very own MDA Member  Pip McLean and another lady in Australia who has myositis).

Cure JDM - specifically for JDM

Facebook groups

Myositis Support Australisia - message to be sent to an admin or an admin will message to make sure of the Myosistis connection. Once confimed the person will be admitted. It is a closed group

The Myositis "Ramblers" Keep In Touch Group - for all with a connection to myositis - closed group (Pip McLean is an administer for this group and can be emailed to gain access)

-Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis Patients- for DM and PM patients ONLY - message an admin explaining that you have PM or DM and they will add you - closed group (Pip is also an administer for this group)

Other recommended groups

-Myositis Support & Understanding- for patients - you will be added and then asked what type of myositis you have - Closed Group

 -JDM Warriors- for all JDMer', there families and there supporters - a safe place for kids to post (run by a man called Brandt Stebbins who has JDM) - Closed group

-Myositis Friends Support Group(Closed Group) - English based group that welcome international members 

-Myositis Canada- a Canadian based group that welcome international members - closed group

-Inclusion Body Myositis(open group)

-Inclusion Body Myositis Support and Understanding- Closed Group