Northern Branch Committee

Trevor Jenkin has been the Northern Branch Committee Chairperson since 2013. He is passionate about the branch, MDANZ and it's members as a parent and long time supporter of the organisation. Trevor is currently the Chairperson for National Council. Trevor welcomes people to join branch committee meetings and activities. 

Our other Committee members are:


  • Trevor Jenkin (Chairperson)
  • Mike Schneider (Vice Chairperson)
  • Joy Jenkin (Secretary)
  • Andrea Clive (Treasurer)

Committee members:

  • Lew Pulman
  • Chloe Hovell
  • Alexandra Heke
  • Melanie Hopley
  • Naomi Vailima
  • Yaz Dolbel-Neville

Committee Meetings & Reports

Check back soon for more information.