Disabled People and Covid-19 - EP 4: Distancing

08 July 2021

Practicing good distancing has been essential for us to stop the spread of Covid-19 in Aotearoa. Disabled people are amongst the most at risk from the virus, so we know that distancing is a critical part of keeping our community safe.

Disabled People and Covid-19 - Episode 3: Remote Work and Education

29 June 2021

During the pandemic, many whānau needed to quickly adapt to new technology and ways of working and learning from home. The rapid shift to “remote” was challenging for a lot of New Zealanders, but our disabled community faced some unique barriers, and unique opportunities in working, learning, and parenting from home during Alert Levels 3 & 4.

Disabled People and COVID-19 - Episode 2: Communication

24 June 2021

Over Alert Levels 3 & 4, communication was a hot topic for many New Zealanders. Many people were adapting to working and learning from home; keeping in touch with friends and family remotely; and attending virtual meetings, appointments, and other services.

Disability support issues are not solely health issues

11 June 2021

Alison Riseborough, who represents MDANZ on the Disabled People’s Organisations Coalition, provides an update on the latest issues.

Ensuring our voices are heard

06 April 2021

Alison Riseborough, one of two MDANZ representatives on the Disabled People’s Organisation Coalition, provides an update on recent and current issues.