People with disabilities receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

27 May 2021

The Ministry of Health has updated its information about people with disabilities receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Disabled people can access the vaccine in Group 2 (i.e. those living in long-term residential settings/communal care, people with complex care needs who have multiple carers supporting their daily life, or who live in the Counties Manukau DHB area).

Group 3 includes all other people with a disability and for the purposes of the COVID-19 vaccine, this includes anyone who has an impairment that:

  • is expected to last for six months or longer, and
  • limits their ability to carry out daily activities and/or participate in society on an equal basis to others. This can be due to the interaction of your impairment with societal and environmental barriers such as inaccessibility, rather than caused by the impairment itself. 

This includes impairments that are:

  • physical
  • neurological
  • mental/psychiatric
  • intellectual
  • sensory
  • other types of impairment.

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