Charitable giving without cheques

06 May 2021

Banks are phasing out cheques this year, which is expected to heavily impact the charity sector. 
MDANZ Fundraising and Partnerships Advisor Kristin Cross says there are plenty of other ways donors can continue supporting people with muscular dystrophy.    

More than was $50 million was donated to New Zealand charities in 2020 via cheques. 

Therefore, the phasing out of cheques by New Zealand banks has the potential to have a massive impact on a charity’s ability to support their communities and safeguard lives – MDANZ is no exception.  

Fortunately, charities and banks have developed a range of other safe payment options so donors can continue to give to charities. 

Why the change? 

The use of cheques had been declining rapidly as people, businesses and organisations choose less expensive ways to pay.  

Ultimately the banks were faced with supporting a costly, shrinking service that used outdated technology.  

In addition, many customers preferred to use digital payments, which can be faster, safer and cheaper than using cheques. 

Upcoming cheque exit dates  

  • BNZ, Rabobank, TSB, SBS and HSBC – June 25 
  • Westpac and The Co-operative Bank – June 30 
  • ASB – August31  

It is important to be aware that while a specific bank might be allowing cheques for longer, people won’t be able to deposit a cheque from a bank that has already gone cheque-free. 

Supporting MDANZ without a cheque book 

Forty percent of MDANZ’s gifts come in by cheque, so we wanted to share other ways our supporters can keep helping our members, so they continue to receive the same support. 

  • Make a one-off donation in person by visiting a bank    
  • Give over the phone by calling us on 0800 800 337 or by using your phone banking service 
  • Use the internet to make an online transfer or automatic payment through the bank website. Or make a secure donation through the MDA website – go and click the donate button 
  • When we send out our appeal letter, send the donation form back to us with your debit or credit card details or enclose cash 
  • Become a regular monthly supporter by completing a direct debit form or setting up an automatic payment. Call us on 0800 800 337 or email [email protected]. 

Where can I find more help? 

Stepping UP, a free community-based digital literacy programme that supports adults to build their digital skills, provides free online banking workshops in 120 libraries or community centres around the country. 

The workshops are available to anyone, regardless of who they bank with.

Many banks have dedicated support hubs on their websites with information about alternative payment options and support on how to stay safe online. They also offer support over the phone or in person.  

Our friendly MDANZ team is available to talk to you about your giving options. Give us a call on 0800 800 337.

More information about donating to MDANZ without a cheque book can be found here, and information about supporting us in other ways is available here.