Dragon slaying, car racing and building entire cities with your mates

22 March 2021

As more people pick up gaming Scott Boyle checks out the controllers of two new consoles. 

2021 has finally rolled in, kicking its predecessor to the curb and daring to be even worse. 

Last year was a roller coaster of epic proportions and definitely one that none of us wish to repeat. But as Covid is going to be a big part of our lives going forward perhaps we should look at new ways to have fun and socialise. And what better option
than gaming.

2020 was a fairly important year for gaming, and it had a massive effect on how people view games due to millions of people wisely going into lockdown.

Our own lockdown was rather brief compared to the rest of the world, but we were still left with weeks of nothing to do. 

Reports say that thousands more people purchased a new console before and after lockdown as a result of the boredom, giving them the chance to experience entirely new stories, challenges, and adventures.

From slaying dragons and surviving in apocalyptic wastelands, to racing cars and building entire cities with your mates. Games let you do it all!

Even better is that gamers are pretty inclusive and welcoming to newcomers. Take ‘Skyrim Grandma’ for example, a wholesome 84-year-old who streams herself playing games for the whole world to see. 

But where do you start? Well thankfully October and November last year saw the launch of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. Two powerful new consoles that are much faster than the previous generation and allow for the making of bigger and better games.

At the moment I’m playing a  game about Vikings during the Scandinavian invasion of England, something that is thrilling from a gameplay perspective, but also very historically accurate.

Of course, none of this matters unless you can play. Having played on both consoles since release I can say that the controllers are very easy to handle.

Having weaker hands myself I am always cautious of new controllers, but both are a good size, easy to hold and with sensitive buttons.

Even better is the customisation of settings, making life much easier for those of us with physical struggles. 

Throughout 2021 we aim to share articles and blogs with our amazing members about the world of gaming. Topics such as what games are right for you, the health benefits of playing, the culture of the industry and even building a career by being a gamer. So, stay tuned.

- Scott Boyle is a member of the MDANZ National Council.

* This story was originally published in the Autumn 2021 edition of In Touch magazine. 

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