MDANZ and Community Power - special offer for a limited time

14 December 2020

You have the power!
Special limited time offer for MDANZ members, your family and friends

As this difficult year draws to an end, we know that most of our members are needing to watch their budgets and finances, so I'm writing to you today to remind you that MDA proudly partners with Community Power (a NZ-based social enterprise) to
support our members by offering ultra-competitive discount power rates to MDA members, their families and friends.

Community Power offer some of the lowest rates of electricity you will find, combined with personalised service, and a price match guarantee that ensures that if you switch you will pay no more than you do currently, and usually significantly less.

Plus, if you switch to Community Power before December 20, 2020, they will put a $150 credit on your first bill.[1]

Our Community Power partnership scheme is unique because as well as offering you great prices and no-fuss service, they also help you support MDANZ, without costing you a cent.

For every kilowatt-hour of electricity you use, Community Power donate a proportion of their earnings, in your name, to MDA to help us provide disability supports, fieldwork services, advocacy and research.

Simply switch your electricity to Community Power and your donation will start accruing right away. You definitely won't pay any more and you will probably get to pay less! Better yet – this donation scheme is ongoing, so you are helping to ensure that
MDA, and your local branch, can continue to provide high-quality support during these financially difficult times.

I was pretty skeptical at first – but I signed up to the scheme myself back in April 2018 and switching was completely painless and I was actually shocked at how much I saved on the power bill. Since then I have saved $877 in electricity AND on top of
that Community Power has donated more than $300 in my name to Muscular Dystrophy.

Our Community Power scheme is an ongoing relationship but given the hardships so many of us are facing, any extra support can be a blessing. In this special, limited time offer, if you switch to Community Power before December 20, 2020, they will put
a $150 credit onto your first bill (or you can even donate the $150 credit to MDA).

Because MDA and our branches are registered charities, your donations will qualify for a tax credit which means you'll be able to save even more by claiming back 33 cents in the dollar of your donation amount.

To find out how much you could be saving on your power bill, while also donating to MDANZ, simply click here, complete the form and attach a recent bill. It couldn't be easier!

Switching makes no difference to your house's power supply, the switch happens automatically, there are no disconnections or interruptions, and it works fine for anyone who is medically dependent on electricity as many of our members are.

You don't have to be an MDA member to benefit from this special, limited time offer! So spread the word amongst your family and friends. It's a win-win!

Thanks for your powerful support.
Ngā Mihi,

Dr. Tristram Ingham
National Executive Chairperson
Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand

[1] All you need to do is sign up to a 1 year contract term with Community Power. There is a break fee if you switch to another retailer within the first year, but the break fee is a prorated amount of the credit. So if you switch retailers after 6 months the break fee would be $75 and you'd still be $75 better off. There's also the option to sign up with on a no-contract term, with no break fee. You'll miss out on the $150 credit, but by paying your monthly bill, you'll be still getting discount rates for electricity and be making donations to MDA.