New ID for Adults over 18

14 January 2019

It can be hard to have photographic ID when you don't drive, this is where the Kiwi Access Card fills the void. Launched on the 14th January 2019 the new card is able to be used as proof of identification. 

In 2000, Hospitality New Zealand launched the 18+ Card to help New Zealanders who very any number of reasons did not posses a drivers licence. Due to its growing popularity and the wider use of this form of ID they have now launched a new card called the Kiwi Access Card. It is a recognised form of ID and can be used to purchase age-prohibited items and services. It is the same size as a driver's licence so it fits easily into your wallet or purse.

The Kiwi Access Card is now available through your local NZ Post branch. You will be required to show proof of age as part of the application process. These cards retail at $55 including GST. This makes it cheaper than a passport and gives you the ability to have your ID on you at all times just like you would a driver’s licence.

Click here to find out more about the card.