MDA Fieldworker Service

One of the most important ways we achieve the MDA's mission is through the MDA Fieldworker service. The Fieldworkers provide one on one advice, support and advocacy mainly by home visits, phone, or email. They understand both the neuromuscular conditions we cover and the New Zealand health and disability support systems. As an MDA member this service is provided free of charge through the MDA branches, with the service funded through donations and grants.

People living with a neuromuscular condition are the focus of everything the MDA Fieldworkers do. Their work reflects the aspirations, goals and choices of their clients and they strive to work in partnership with people living with a condition, their families and whānau, to support them to achieve their potential.

 "I believe that each person is unique. I know a person's strengths and needs change and I attempt to respond in a way that acknowledges this. I work to support and educate the wider community to respect and respond to the diversity and uniqueness of MDA clients"- MDA Fieldworker

The MDA Fieldworkers:

  • Understand your condition and can listen to you and identify your needs and work through any concerns you may have
  • Provide you with information about your condition from when you have been newly diagnosed and as your condition progresses
  • Help explain the information available to you and how to apply it to your individual situation
  • Help you to understand the health and disability support systems and to identify and access services you may need to know about, both now and in the future
  • Provide information and support to health and other professionals involved in your care and support, who may have limited experience of your condition
  • Promote communication and co-operation between individuals and agencies involved in your care and support
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet other MDA members or be in contact with other people affected by a neuromuscular condition if you wish

MDA Fieldworkers work to a framework that has been developed with our mission in mind. They have continuous training and guidance throughout their career with the MDA, including workshops and regular meetings designed to help them better support their clients.

How did you find the MDA Fieldworker service?

We want to know what you think so we can keep doing the things we are good at and improve where needed, so if you have had an MDA Fieldworker visit you or received their support via the phone or email, then we would love to hear what you think of our service. Please take the time to fill out the short online survey:

 MDA Fieldworker Satisfaction Survey