Member Benefits

MDANZ's vision is "Freedom beyond limits". MDANZ is looking at different ways to assist with this goal and have the following member benefits available. 

  • MDANZ Member Discretionary Fund

  • MDANZ Counselling Service 

  • MDANZ Support Network

  • Mobility Dog Support Scheme

  • Medic Alert Discount

  • MDANZ Discount Benefit Card

  • Wallet Alert Photo ID Card - Subsidised so only $5.00 each

MDANZ Member Discretionary Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide discretionary grants for individuals with a neuromuscular condition to access opportunities and specialised resources that enable them to achieve their full potential.

Individuals diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition who are registered members of the MDANZ are eligible to apply. For children and young persons aged 17 years or younger, a parent or guardian can apply on their child's behalf.

Grant applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Grants will not exceed $1,500.00 per year, per individual member.

We warmly invite you to apply at any time of the year. Please note the closing dates for each funding round are: 

31st January  

30th April 

31st July 

31st October

Closing dates may be extended at the discretion of the Chief Executive.  

The purpose of this fund is to provide discretionary grants for individuals with a neuromuscular condition to access opportunities and specialised resources that enable them to achieve their full potential.

Some of the quotes from successful applicants:

"I am VERY grateful for your assistance to get this equipment which will benefit me enormously." Oli

"It is a great help for me Thank you, big smiles" Simon

"Wow that's fantastic!! It will make such a massive difference. Thank you so much for supporting me!" Jodie

For more details click here and for the guidelines click here.

For an application form  click here.  

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The MDA NZ provides up to three free one hour confidential counselling sessions per year to MDA members+. The aim is to help MDA members who have a neuromuscular condition, their carers and other whanau/family members by partnering with EAPworks to allow easy access to professional, accredited and experienced counsellors in alignment with the MDA's VISION "people living with a neuromuscular condition having unrestricted opportunities to achieve their full potential"  Click here for more information on who is eligible and how to access this service. 


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The MDA Support Network allows people with similar circumstances or issues to come together to share their experiences and provide each other with emotional and moral support in addition to practical advice and information. By bringing together people with common experiences, support networks can provide an invaluable addition to medical care. The MDA of New Zealand Support Network currently has over 400 members throughout New Zealand who want to be in touch with others livings with neuromuscular conditions. Click here for more information on how to become a part of the MDA Support Network. 



Mobility Dog Support Scheme

The MDA makes a contribution of $1500 to any member acquiring a mobility assistance dog through the Mobility Assistance Dog Trust (MADT). The MDA member just has to let the MADT know that he or she is an MDA member. MADT will then confirm this with us, reduce the amount payable by the member accordingly, and invoice MDA for the $1500.

 MADT will be able to advise the member about options for raising the balance of the amount, and please feel free to contact your local MDA Fieldworker for assistance with this. 

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Medic Alert Discount

A 10% discount off the MedicAlert enrolment fee.

Select a FREE custom engraved Emblem or choose a discounted Emblem.

Recieve a FREE MedicAlert Medical Emergency Wallet Card

Access your vital health information through the secure, encrypted and certified online ManageMyHealth Portal.

Please note that there is a membership fee which currently is up to $35/year - this covers the Patient Vitals Service which is a 24/7 hotline for emergency healthcare providers.

For more information click here or phone 0800 840 111 Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm.


MDA Discount Benefit Card.

This card gives you discounts at eight major retailers throughout New Zealand.

For more details on the discounts offered click here for the full information sheet. Join the MDA and start saving today.

Happy Shopping!


 MDA Photo ID Wallet Alert Card

For members who want the added benefit of an identifying photo on their Wallet Alert Card, we can provide these at a subsidised rate of $5.00 per card.

These credit card sized alert cards feature; durable plastic, membership number, photo ID, emergency contact and condition specific medical information on the back. 

To order please send a recent photo and the details of an emergency contact person (their name and best phone number) to

*Please allow up to four weeks for delivery.