Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide New Zealanders living with neuromuscular conditions personal support and information, and to advocate, influence and promote equality of opportunity.

Our Vision

Is that people living with neuromuscular conditions have unrestricted opportunities to achieve their full potential.

Our Values

In all dealings with its members the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be:

Empowering; people living with a neuromuscular condition will be supported to be as independent as possible, to have valued social roles, and to enjoy full rights of citizenship

Whanau and family inclusive; the whanau and family of people with a neuromuscular condition will be supported appropriately to live fulfilling lives

Consultative; members will be provided with clear information on all aspects of the Association, and will be given a clear sense of ownership for decisions that are made on their behalf, thereby providing a sense of belonging to an organisation which is member led

Fair; the MDA will ensure that all members benefit equitably from the Association's resources, that they have equal opportunity to participate in the Association's decision making processes, and that they are appropriately enfranchised to vote on matters requiring member resolution

Community minded; the MDA will foster a sense of community with and amongst its members

Accountable; the MDA will be accountable to donors for the good stewardship of its resources, and to members for provision of services and operating in accordance with its stated values

In dealing with other stakeholders and the public at large the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be:

Informative; relevant information will be provided on neuromuscular conditions, their management and the impact they have on those living with a condition and their carers

Proactive; the MDA will lobby the government and its ministries, in alliance with other organisations when appropriate, to ensure equality of opportunity, fair access to services and equipment for people living with a neuromuscular condition, and appreciation of members' views on issues affecting them